Digital Series — UCB Comedy

Trying is an original series created by Don Fanelli and Laura Willcox. The series follows Don and Laura, two people who have nothing in common, other than the fact that they date each other.

wedding season

digital series — IFC Comedy Crib

An original series created by Don Fanelli and Laura Willcox for IFC’s Comedy Crib. Marriage-averse couple Don and Laura must survive the longest wedding night of their lives. May God have mercy on their souls.

hairy harry

Short Film — UCB Comedy

A short film written and starring Don Fanelli, about a down on his luck novelty stripper, who is desperate for cash and books an ill-advised private home gig that goes terribly wrong.

Directed by Andy Bond and produced by UCB Digital Team, Also Also.

three michaels

A man is having the worst week of his life, and his two best friends come over to cheer him up. They are all named Michael.

Directed by Tom Levin.